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Deep TMS therapy is a revolutionary new method that can potentially give us the ability to mitigate the symptoms of a variety of mental and medical health issues. Using an electromagnetic coil inside of a helmet-like piece of TMS equipment, deep TMS therapy uses these coils to release non-invasive magnetic pulses that reach the deeper neurological structures in your brain, and these pulses can potentially regulate and stabilize some forms of neural activity.

At LifeThrive, we are proud to provide a wide variety of therapy, functional medicine, and counseling services to folks around southern Illinois, including deep TMS therapy. The potential that deep TMS therapy has to help people is incredible, and there are a wide variety of disorders that are already in experimental treatment with deep TMS therapy, including major depressive disorder, OCD, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, multiple sclerosis (MS), chronic pain, smoking cessation, anxiety, PTSD, and epilepsy. Learn more about TMS therapy on this page, and how LifeThrive could potentially revolutionize your life with a deep TMS therapy treatment.

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Understanding Deep Transcraniel Magnetic Stimulation dTMS

How Does dTMS Work?

Helps Treat Medication Resistant Depression

Those not helped by antidepressants can benefit

Non -Invasive

No anesthesia or electric shocks are used

Little or No Pain

Painless for many, some report slight headaches or irritation at treatment site during treatmen

No Effect On Cognition

Quick 20-minute treatments that the patient is able to drive themselves to and from

No Side Effects

Like those of antidepressants—with TMS, avoid the weight gain, nausea, dry mouth, decreased sex drive, etc

No Drugs

No use of additional antidepressants or medication of any kind

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Joseph's Story

Depression Patient Undergoes Successful BrainsWay Deep TMS by Dr. Melinda Fudge at Integral Psychiatry & Wellness

Michelle's Story

Depression Patient Successfully Treated With BrainsWay Deep TMS by Dr. Oscar Morales at McLean Hospital

Jill's Story

Depression Patient Has New Outlook on Life After BrainsWay Deep TMS Treatment with Dr. John Zebrun at Achieve TMS East

Side Effect Comparisons

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FDA Cleared to Treat Depression and OCD

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Disorders that are experimental in treatment with TMS

Alzheimer's Disease

rTMS for Autism Spectrum Disorder


Multiple Sclerosis

Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's Disease

Chronic Pain

Post Stroke Rehabilitation

Smoking Cessation




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Deep TMS Therapy in Vandalia, and Mt. Vernon | Thrive

When it comes to mitigating the symptoms of certain mental health and physical health conditions, there are a wide variety of options, treatments, and therapies that could potentially help out. Deep TMS therapy is one of the more promising ones that the medical and mental health field has discovered, and we are proud to offer it to patients all over southern Illinois at Thrive. Schedule a deep TMS appointment today to get started.