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Serving Southern Illinois in Vandalia, Salem, Mt. Vernon, and Marion.


Evonne Stephenson, LCPC - Executive Director and Clinical Supervisor

Evonne is one of our Mental Health Clinicians and the Executive Director of LifeThrive. She has worked with individuals, couples, and families for the last 12 years. She specializes in complex trauma, PTSD, addiction/abuse issues, substance use disorders, and borderline personality disorder.


Dr. Jeffrey Brower, (MD)


Michelle Venogoni-Vigil, MSW

My specialties include survivors of domestic violence, survivors of child abuse, parent psychoeducation, and children/adolescence. When counseling with me, clients with diverse cultural, ethnic, gender, sexual, and various other identities/ populations will be provided with compassionate, allied, and safe therapy. Do you feel overwhelmed with some of your life circumstances? Have you experienced trauma: a divorce, job-loss, traumatic birth, difficult diagnosis, or domestic violence? Are you depressed, struggling with low self-esteem, lacking motivation, or needing help transitioning through life? I believe that every individual has what it takes to succeed and live a fulfilling life. Sometimes, we have to go through the darkest storms to see the brightest rainbows. Without the right tools and a safe non- judgmental space, it may feel impossible to weather the storm on your own.

I believe in meeting a client where they are and navigating through the “storm” with them while providing them with the tools and safe space they need to thrive. I am here to listen to you, help educate you, motivate you, and help ask the questions or highlight the things you are struggling to see on your own. I do not believe in a one-size fits all.


Lezley Bantolina, LPC

I graduated Missouri State University with a Masters in Mental Health Counseling. My experience is working with patients throughout their life changes which include, life transitions, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, trauma, and other life controlling issues.

I'm a remote therapist who prefers individual counseling. She has experience working with patients throughout the lifespan with various issues including life transitions, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, trauma, and other life-controlling issues. I enjoy working with patients who are open to actively taking charge of their present life changes that are deeply connected to old roots that need to be addressed. Also, I enjoy exploring the uniqueness of an individual through talk therapy .


Austin Fishback - MSW

You deserve to live a life that you love. There are many people who see therapy as something intrusive, not necessary or believing that they will be judged. As a therapist, I believe that the connection built between the patient and therapist is the foundation that can lead you to the life that you want to live. My only goal as a therapist is to help you achieve your goals and to see you become happier with the life you are currently living. Yes, sometimes therapy can bring up painful emotions, memories or events, but this pain can lead to growth and a better life.

Life is too short to let the traumas of the past or the anxieties of future keep us in powerful emotions like depression and anxiety. I want to help free you from this emotional pain and to be able to deal with the challenges of life, big or small. I want to help you find meaning/purpose in work, family, friendships and all other areas of your life.

As a therapist, I have helped individuals, parents, couples and families navigate through the overwhelming of stressors of life. My areas of specialty are all forms of trauma (physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, deaths in the family, and injuries etc.), parent education and child/adolescent issues.

Support Team


Sandra Gillmore - Human Resource

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Jade McFarland - Marketing Liaison

Jade has her bachelors in Behavioral Science. She recently got married and has a dog who she would consider her child. Jade has always wanted to work with those who are experiencing mental or physiological health setbacks, and that’s why she is excited to start her career at LifeThrive!


Ashton Perry CMA

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Grace Ryder CMA

My name is Grace Ryder. I am a Certified Medical Assistant. I graduated from RLC in 2019.

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Katie Cutsigner -Health and Wellness Consultant

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