LifeThrive Equestrian Center

No hour of life is ever wasted when spent with a horse!

Welcome to LifeThrive Equestrian Services! A full service equestrian facility that specializes in providing individualized care for both horse and horse enthusiasts. It is home to LifeThrive Equine Therapy programs located in Augsburg, Illinois. Whether you are a "horse person" or you have never touched a horse in your life but want to, visiting LifeThrive Equestrian will cater to exactly the real-life horse-related experience you are looking for!


Riding Lessons

English and Western Saddle Lessons Available

Private Lessons

30 Minutes - $35 | 60 Minutes - $55 | 90 Minutes - $90

Group Lessons (60 Min)

2 Riders - $35 | 3 Riders - $25


Equine Therapy

When accompanied by one of our mental health clinicians the cost is $25

When using your own mental health clinician the cost is $55

If you would like to schedule a time please call (618) 283-2222.

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