Hello, my name is Evonne Stephenson, I am an LCPC and the founder of our organization. I began Thrive Counseling – T.E.C.S. over 5 years ago, because I could see that we needed something different in our community. I watched many patients fall through the cracks while working in the schools, a community mental health center, and at a different private practice. At the schools it seemed due to a lack of resources and a misperception that classroom work needed to come before the child’s mental health struggles. At the community mental health facility, it was due to a mismanagement of resources and a view that patients were replaceable, they were numbers, they were Medicaid and didn’t have anywhere else to go for help. At the private practice it was due to the need to obtain payment and if you could not pay then you would not be treated. I wanted to provide a different type of treatment facility that wasn’t just for the well to-do but a place that treated all regardless of social status. This practice is designed incorporate treatments that are LIFE CHANGING.

For me personally God is my CEO. He teaches me morality and his commandments are written on my heart. I look to him for guidance. in so doing I never judge, ridicule, or condemn others. I have learned to value everyone, no one person is greater than any other. I let God lead and take the reins as I have found that he has far greater plans and paths that I do not always see. It is through his teachings that I have found balance. It is with this healthy balance between God, family, and work (in that order) that I have found true joy and contentment. I work hard and take pride in what I was called to do. I always look to God for guidance and treat others as I would want to be treated.

I believe that just like it takes a village to raise a child and two heads are better than one, each specialty brings on a different aspect to treatment. It is through this collaboration that we as a team, will be able to provide optimal care that creates life lasting changes. It does not matter if you are from an eastern or western philosophy of medicine, a chiropractor, counselor, physician, support staff, or massage therapist, we all bring something to the table. No one professional is seen as greater than the other. Think of it as Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Each brought something different, each equal, together they created something amazing.

It is with this mindset and experiences that the practice was founded and has grown into what it is today. We now offer different services, work together as a team where no one person is seen as greater than the other, and share in all work. We are currently looking for like minded professionals to join our practice.

We are currently advertising for a family physician, psychiatrist, and nurse practitioners. Even if you are not in one of these disciplines and feel that you’re interested in working with us please don’t hesitate to apply as there may be a greater force at work, a plan that is set out that we do not see.

What are we looking for in a Candidate?

  1. Must love what you do.
  2. Patient care needs to be a top priority.
  3. Does not gossip or participate in drama.
  4. Is straight forward in their communication.
  5. A team player.
  6. Strong work ethic.
  7. Is non-judgment and open to working with all patient populations.
  8. Driven to achieve something larger than themselves.

To apply please submit your resume/CV to Please include 3 professional references, preferably from supervisors. You will then receive an email requesting that you complete a personality assessment. You will want approximately 35 minutes of quite time to complete this assessment. If we as a team feel that you would be a good fit for our practice, we will contact you for an interview. All decisions are made as a team.

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