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Holistic and Functional Medicine: What You Need to Know

In our modern era, we hear a lot about miracle medicines and less-than-standardized drug treatments from the internet and our somewhat trustworthy friends. There are a lot of different options and styles out there, and when it comes to treating and caring for your body, it's going to be a pretty important consideration. The standardized and tested nature of traditional medicine is important for some, but for others, the prohibitive costs and overworked nature of medical staff might make them want to look elsewhere for their medical care. This has led to a rise in holistic medical practices and treatments that focus more on human spirit and the integrated viewpoint of mind, body, and soul.

At Thrive Counseling in southern Illinois, we are proud and happy to provide these holistic therapy alternatives. While certain medical treatments and procedures are better left to traditional methods, there is so much potential benefit from practicing certain holistic medicine methods. In this blog, we are going to talk a bit about the features of holistic medicine, and how they might compare to other types of medicine, so keep reading to learn more.

What is Holistic Medicine?

The defining characteristic of holistic medicine practice is the approach. Holistic medicine attempts to consider the whole body when approaching human health. This means that from a holistic perspective, mind, spirit, and body are all connected in terms of a person’s health, and addressing all of those aspects at once, or in conjunction with each other is key to treating a person’s health.

The term holistic is used for a variety of broad things, and some places and treatments adhere to those defining characteristics better than others. But the important thing to remember about holistic treatments is that it doesn’t consider other forms of treatment as necessarily a bad thing, especially if it is beneficial to an individual seeking greater health. Holistic practice is more concerned with not leaving out other relevant aspects that make up our overall body, mind, and soul health, and making sure any holistic practice addresses all three modalities.

Other Medicine Types

There are a number of different types of medicine practices that are still relevant and important in today’s world. Functional medicine is the theme behind most traditional medicine practices, and emphasizes optimal human functioning as the main goal. Whether that is determining things in our everyday lives that are hurting us, or using certain treatments and prescription drugs to maintain optimal everyday functioning, functional medicine is the general approach to modern, technology/scientific medicine.

Integrative medicine is another common approach to medical practice; this one focuses on the relationship between practitioner and patient, and the prognosis/diagnosis steps of treating people. Whether it is understanding the daily routine of a patient or considering a patient's background to determine the most effective type of treatment, this approach requires honest communication between patient and practitioner. This includes understanding and appreciating the wide range of medical practices and therapeutic treatments that both traditional and “alternative” medicine practices have to offer.

Holistic Medicine Practice at Thrive Counseling

There are definitely more types of approaches to treating and improving the health of people, but these are the most common and widely used. In the end though, only one of those is thorough enough to fully encapsulate all of the complex modalities of human bodies and minds, and that is holistic medicine.

Thrive Counseling is proud to practice holistic treatments and therapies, and we want to provide those to you if it is something you are interested in. We offer a variety of holistic services, from biofeedback therapy and spiritual counseling, to herbal medicine and various forms of animal therapy. Give us a call at Thrive Counseling in southern Illinois today, and see how one of our highly experienced holistic practitioners can help you.