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Animals are amazing creatures and we, as humans, are lucky to have them. Not only do many of them serve as pets, they also offer a type of companionship like no other. But did you know that spending time with animals offers plenty of health benefits as well? In fact, the benefits that come from being around animals are so amazing that we use Animal Assisted Therapy here at Thrive . Read this week’s blog post to learn more about Animal Assisted Therapy and reach out to us in Southern Illinois today to schedule an appointment!

Thrive specializes in a range of premier counseling,...

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As we have moved into the 21st century, the role and importance of nutrition has drastically shifted over the past 100 years. From carb-heavy meals of meat, potatoes, and bread in the past, to the “nutrition pyramid”, to juicing, health-fads, and entire industries created around providing nutritional supplements, the understanding and attention regarding nutrition has only increased.

In the same time frame, the understanding of mental health has slowly but surely increased, and the stigma regarding counseling for mental health issues has reduced. All of these...

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As we enter the turn of this new decade, the acknowledgement of the importance of mental health, as well as the acceptance of therapy and its benefits, has only become more common. Whether it’s the increasing trend of celebrities and professional athletes admitting to a struggle with mental health issues, or the variety of therapeutic services and apps that have gained popularity in recent years, mental health has started to gain the important recognition it has always deserved.

This means that a lot of folks who have never used any form of therapy before are...

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In our modern era, we hear a lot about miracle medicines and less-than-standardized drug treatments from the internet and our somewhat trustworthy friends. There are a lot of different options and styles out there, and when it comes to treating and caring for your body, it's going to be a pretty important consideration. The standardized and tested nature of traditional medicine is important for some, but for others, the prohibitive costs and overworked nature of medical staff might make them want to look elsewhere for their medical care. This has led to a rise in holistic medical practices...


The world can be a scary and dangerous place. Even if you have all the friends, all the money, and everything you could ever want, the frustrating unpredictability of life can still inflict some difficult pain on you. Whether it is something or someone inflicting the pain and damage, unfortunately every single human being out there is susceptible to experiencing some form of trauma. And regrettably, our bodies and minds can sometimes carry that traumatic experience with them after the fact. This can lead to experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or a variety of other...